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2018 Q6 - STO
Which expression is equivalent to (144k2r14)1/2 for all positive values of k and r?

2017 Q6 - STO + K
The area of a rectangle is 54x9y8 square yards. If the length of the rectangle is 6x3y4 yards, which expression represents the width of the rectangle in yards?


2018 Q2 - GR
Which expression is equivalent to −28x2 + 35x?

2018 Q4 - GR
Which statement about the graph of y = 8(0.25)x is true?

2018 Q7 - GR
The graph shows the height in feet of an object above the ground h seconds after it was launched from the ground. Which function is best represented by the graph of this situation?

2017 Q3 - GR
Which graph best represents the solution set of y ≤ 4x?

2017 Q4 - GR
The graph of f(x) = x2 was transformed to create the graph of g(x) = (x - 7.5)2. Which of these describes this transformation?

2017 Q10 - GR
The graph of a quadratic function is shown on the grid. Which function is best represented by this graph?

2017 Q17 - GR
Which expression is equivalent to 6x2 + 13x + 5 ?

2018 Q11, 2017 Q28 - GR
Which expression is equivalent to m2 - 13m - 30 ?

2017 Q45 - GR
A student graphed f(x) = x and g(x) = f(x) + 3 on the same coordinate grid. Which statement describes how the graphs of f and g are related?

2017 Q49 - GR
Which statement about the graph of y = (1/3)(1/2)x is true?


2017 Q41 - GR
Which expression is a factor of to 18x2 - 15x + 2 ?


2018 Q8 - GRT
What value of n makes the equation 4 (0.5n - 3) = n - 0.25 (12 - 8n) true?

2018 Q9 - GRT
In a sequence of numbers, a3 = 0, a4 = 6, a5 = 12, a6 = 18, a7 = 24. Based on this information, which equation can be used to find the nth term of the sequence, an?

2017 Q7 - GRT
The total number of seats in an auditorium is modeled by f(x) = 2x2 - 6x, where x represents the number of rows of seats. How many rows are there in the auditorium if it has a total of 416 seats?

2017 Q11 - GRT
What is the solution to 8x - 3(2x - 4) = 3(x - 6)?

2017 Q23 - GRT
What is the equation in slope-intercept form of the line that passes through the points (-4, 47) and (2, -16)?

2017 Q39 - GRT
A projectile is launched into the air from the ground. The table shows the height of the projectile, h(t), at different times.

Projectile Height

Based on the table, which function can best be used to model this situation?

2017 Q40 - GRT
Which value of x makes the equation 0.75(x + 20) = 2 + 0.5(x - 2) true?

2017 Q47 - GRT
If p(x) = 5(x2 + 1) + 16, what is the value of p(11)?

2017 Q50 - GRT
The table represents some points on the graph of a linear function.


Which equation represents the same relationship?

2017 Q5 - GRT/DoRa
A set of weights includes a 4 lb barbell and 6 pairs of weight plates. Each pair of plates weights 20 lbs. If x pairs of plates are added to the barbell, the total weight of the barbell and plates in pounds can be represented by f(x) = 20x + 4. What is the range of the function for this situation?


2017 Q16 - GRA
What is the slope of the line represented by 5x - 12y = 24

2017 Q52 - GRA
The function y = 3.75 + 1.5(x - 1) can be used to determine the cost in dollars for a taxi ride of x miles. What is the rate of change of the cost in dollars with respect to the number of miles?

2017 Q54 - GRA
What is the value of x in the solution to this system of equations?
y + 2x = -1
y = 12 x + 4


2017 Q36 - K Arithmetic
What is the equation of the line that passes through the point (-2, 7) and has a slope of zero?


2017 Q1 - K Arithmetic
Which expression is equivalent to √147 ?

2017 Q8 - K Exponential
The graph of an exponential function is shown on the grid. Which dashed line is an asymptote for the graph?

2017 Q20 - K Exponents
The expression (x3)(x-17) is equivalent to xn. What is the value of n?

2018 Q3 - K Systems
Which graph best represents a system of equations that has no solution?

2018 Q10, 2017 Q27 - LS/DS
The value of y varies directly with x. If x = 3, then y = 21. What is the value of x when y = 105?


2017 Q12 - Multi-Skill
A lifeguard earns $320 per week for working 40 hours plus $12 per hour worked over 40 hours. A lifeguard can work a maximum of 60 hours per week. Which graph best represents the lifeguard’s weekly earnings in dollars for working h hours over 40?